Frosk Girls Fashion

Ethical Clothing

Frosk Girls design, make and, sell Ethical Clothing for young, urban, cultural, cosmopolitan and world conscious global girls.

FROSK Girls mission is to make effortless, age appropriate and fashionable quality Ethical Clothing for stylish Tween girls, 8 to 14 years.

The girl we have in mind wants to feel special yet fit in. She wants to look good in her own way, wear something her friends like but not copy anybody. She wants to be a Tween trend-setter, stylish, yet a bit preppy.

She wants to stand out yet fit in!

Most of all she wants to look good, feel good and be herself!

This tween girl’s positive energy, curious mind, playful spirit and borderless Global view gives FROSK inspiration to design stylish, comfortable and trendsetting quality ethical clothing that is highly appreciated by parents and their daughters.
The Parents can be assured that we follow guidelines for how a pre-teen should dress in a stylish way that show their true self. We also follow aesthetic and ethical values in choosing the right fabrics and combinations, non toxic dyes, harmless materials and closely followed production with fair wages.
Through FROSK Girls Ethical Clothing we give a shout-out for

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